Aviation Pilots and Crew Training

Company Flybrokers Aviation Group offers you a wide range of education and training for pilots and flight attendants, as well as theoretical and practical training for technical personnel.

The scheme of training in our training schools aimed at obtaining comprehensive knowledge required in the shortest time at the lowest prices. Highly qualified flight instructor, teachers of the highest category, access to the training video and audio materials, special contemporary literature - all this gives you a great opportunity to get professional knowledge, develop your abilities, as well as the skills to respond in critical situations, you need to obtain the desired category . Education and training of pilots are in modern flight and navigation simulators and advanced aircraft.

If you are looking for the best training school for pilots and flight attendants, we can offer you:

Pilot training on different types of aircraft;

Preparation of technical personnel;

Cabin Crew Training.

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AOG: +48 694 789 789
E-mail: training@flybrokers.com

AOG: +48 694 789 789
E-mail: office@flybrokers.com