Aircraft Leasing

Our services includes:


The short-term ACMI lease is the ideal solution to: ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance);


Flybrokers holds the necessary expertise and infrastructure in order to verify and check the real value of aircraft. Flybrokers also provides law assistance with the transactions.

Flybrokers has professional experts and provides any assistance with sells and purchase transactions.


Flybrokers is providing operating lease services and have broad portfolio of mid-life narrow body and regional jets. Operating lease allows you to get the aircraft on time with a relatively small expenses upfront.

In difference of buying an aircraft, leasing gives airlines the opportunity to adapt fleet size according to market changes, business growth and market demand.

Operating leasing frees up capital for airlines as it keeps aircraft purchasing cost from impacting on their balance sheets and also removes asset residual risk.


Structure financial products are prepared by our experts according to your request and financial ability and meet your needs.

Flybrokers can help operator renew their fleets, increase liquidity, lower debt, and move asset risk off their books. Flybrokers offers a number of structured financial products to airlines including finance leases and senior secured loans.

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